Consider this

  • Paperwork is the largest single maintenance cost for any company
  • Businesses misfile between 1% and 5% of their records, and permanently lose half of those misfiled
  • The average cost of misfiling exceeds $ 200 per misfiled document
  • American executives waste nearly four work weeks per year because of materials that are misfiled,  mislabeled, or simply missing
  • 50% of all businesses that lose their records in a fire go out of business within six months

The Solution

Convert your documents to digital images, stored on CDs, DVDs or your company’s Hard Drive or server, and retrieve them easily and quickly with a click of your mouse. No more wasting time looking for files. Never misfile again. AMI provides a comprehensive imaging solution for documents of all sizes.

  • High quality conversion/scanning of your documents to digital images
  • Multi-field indexing to allow for fast, reliable retrieval
  • Expert quality control for every image
  • Ongoing client/technical support

A word on confidentiality…Allied Micro-Imaging has been solving problems for customers for more than four decades. And while much has changed in that period, one thing remains constant; the seriousness with which we handle your private, irreplaceable, business documents. We understand the confidence our customers place in us and we have the integrity necessary to earn your trust.